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  • Splitting Space: Destabilizing the Suburban House in Postwar Art and Contemporary Horror Film 

    • ​​Master's Thesis, Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory, University of British Columbia

    • Advisory Committee: Dr. Ignacio Adriasola, Dr. Erin Silver

  • Marble and Metal: Translations and Replications of the Classical Form in Jeff Koons' Gazing Ball (2013)

    • Undergraduate Honours Thesis, Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory, University of British Columbia​

    • Advisory Committee: Dr. Joseph Monteyne


  • The Affective Contours and Configurations of Dread: Yorgos Lanthimos' The Killing of a Sacred Deer 

    • MONSTRUM 6.1

    • Winner of SCMS Horror SIG Graduate Essay Prize 

  • Spaces Unknown: Articulations of Suburban Normativity and Alterity in James Wan's Insidious (2010) 

    • Wreck Graduate Journal 5.1 

  • Spanish Iconomachy and the Hybridization of Contemporary Musical Identity: Rosalía's Pienso En Tu Mirá 

    • Cinephile 16.1

  • The Sub(urban)altern: Spatial and Temporal Refractions of Normativity in Ari Aster's Hereditary (2018) 

    • CineAction 101

  • Affective Disruptions: Embodiment and the Leon Ladner Clock Tower 

    • Belkin Art Gallery 

  • Shining Light on Theft: The Duality of Gold in Joy Lynn Davis' Remembering The Lost  

    • Undergraduate Journal of Art History 8

Book Chapters

  • The Problem of the Sleeping Child

    • ​​​21st Century Horror, Edinburgh University Press (upcoming)

  • Horror and Fine Art

    • ​​The Routledge Companion to Horror (upcoming)​​​

Book Reviews

  • Lee Edelman's Bad Education: Why Queer Theory Teaches Us Nothing

    • Film-Philosophy (upcoming)

Art Reviews and Criticism

  • Fireweed Fields: Resilience and Resurgence After Crisis 

    • ​​SAD Magazine 33

  • Image Bank: Reframing the Picture 

    • ​​Belkin Art Gallery

  • Fata Morgana: Closing Reflections 

    • ​​Belkin Art Gallery

  • Stations: Instagram Takeover with Marcus Prasad 

    • ​​Belkin Art Gallery

  • The Lighthouse (2019) 

    • ​​Cinephile 14.1

  • Les Ballets Trockadéro de Monte Carlo Gracefully Engages a New Experience of Ballet 

    • ​​SAD Magazine 

  • Monster in the House: The Uncanny Acuity of Ari Aster's Hereditary ​​

    • SAD Magazine 27


  • Letter to Codes 

    • C Magazine 156

  • Exorcising The Exorcist 

    • MONSTRUM 6.1 

  • Free Fall: Reflecting on Brendan Fernandes' Inaction and Queer Healing 

    • SAD Magazine 31

  • Queerness and Temporality: "Coming Out" as a Process 

    • SAD Magazine 29


  • Ars Scientia Student Reflections 

    • Belkin Art Gallery

  • Subversive Subjectivities: Intersecting Reference and Experience 

    • Undergraduate Journal of Art History 8

  • #BoysDanceToo: Les Ballets Trockadéro de Monte Carlo 

    • SAD Magazine 

  • My Moms, My Dads and Me: A Chronicle of Queer Parenting 

    • SAD Magazine 

  • Experience Essential Cinema: The Cinematheque's 24-Hour Movie Marathon 

    • SAD Magazine 


  • Wikipedia and the Politics of Knowledge

    • COMS 340, McGill University, March 2024​

  • Circuitries of Subjectivity: Fragmented Bodies and (In)finite Selves in Infinity Pool (2023) ​​

    • Groupe Intervention Video, Montreal, April 2023​


  • Museu Municipal de Espinho: Film-Philosophy Annual Conference
    • “Lines of Desire: Sex as Tautology for the Visual and the Violence of Form in Luca Guadagnino’s Challengers
    • July 2024

  • McGill University: Reorienting the Sublime
    • Symposium Co-Chair
    • April 2024

  • University of Toronto Cinema Studies Institute: Fragmentation
    • "Configuring Cinema's Desire: Contemporary Horror and its Rubble in Yorgos Lanthimos' Poor Things"

    • February 2024

  • McGill University and Université de Québec à Montréal: Nocturnal Spatialities 
    • Panel Chair

    • May 2023

  • UBC Graduation Address 
    • November 2020

  • Carleton University: Beyond Compare 
    • "Fracture/Refraction: Deleuze, Queer Time, and the Gothic"

    • March 2020

  • Ontario College of Art and Design: Economies of Dispossession 
    • "Unhomely Houses: Queering Space in Contemporary Gothic Film"

    • March 2020

  • University of British Columbia: Disruptive Materialities 
    • "The Sub(urban)altern: Spatial and Temporal Refractions of Normativity in Ari Aster's Hereditary (2018)"

    • February 2020

  • University of Victoria: Visual Impetus
    • "Spaces Unknown: Queer Articulations in James Wan's Insidious (2010)"
    • January 2020​

  • University of British Columbia: Violentia: Representing Bodies and Violence
    • Symposium Co-Chair
    • March 2019

  • McGill University: Potentials of Ecocriticism 

    • "Naturalized Commodification: Biophilia, Open Space, and Consumption in Outdoor Mall Architectures"

    • February 2019

  • University of Victoria: Visual Impetus

    • "Voice Activated Home Automation and the Shifting Landscape of the Domestic Sphere"

    • January 2019

  • University of British Columbia: Undergraduate Film Symposium 

    • "Lurking Existential Fear: Space and the Human Condition in David Robert Mitchell's It Follows (2014)"

    • March 2017

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